Hotel Fonda Matia, with an origin of four generations, still wants to offer its guests the tranquility, comfort and independence which they seek, in a friendly and caring family environment.

We welcome you in our hotel well decorated and modern, where you can relax by the fireplace or enjoy our landscape.

Reading area


Another of the common rooms of Fonda Matía is especially dedicated to lovers of reading. Our white reading area is designed for those people looking for a place to enjoy a good book in a relaxed atmosphere full of natural light.

Living room


The living room is divided into three different spaces, adapting to the needs of our customers at all times.

The first space consisting of chairs and tables where you can meet and have a relaxed time with friends, chatting or even playing a game of one of the many table games that we have at your disposal.

You can also decide to rest in our armchairs and enjoy a good movie in the TV room. Or simply contemplate the splendid landscape that the valley of the Cerdanya gives us from here.

Finally you can relax in the white library area, in this comfortable space you can escape reading a good book, listen to music or even connect the Wi-Fi network that we offer for free.

Rincón Ximenea

The Corner fireplace is a small room where it is possible to sit down to read or browse a magazine, to chat quietly or simply to rest in the heat of one of our fireplace.